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"If it exists, it has at least one purpose."

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Since October 19, 1973 I have devoted my life, career, to three things:


1. Conduct original research.

2. Finish research left incomplete by others.

3. Study existing issues, provide solutions.


All of my projects meet one or more of these three criteria. The results are released to the public so they can examine the data, decide issues for themselves. 

My interests are very diverse, I am fascinated by everything I don't know. They include but are not limited to the high level topics shown throughout this Web site: Analytics, Archaeology, Arts, History, Intelligence, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science, Social Issues and Technology.


Naturally, there are still further interests and projects within these high level categories. For example, I love many different kinds of sciences from Astronomy to Zoology.  

Select the links, menus and various imagery here to explore incredible info. This site will be updated regularly and expand over time. I hope this online portal will be one of your favorite gateways to some great stuff as it evolves.

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Kal's Korner Radio Show From Politics to the Paranormal

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Melissa Martell's Great Podcasts

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Melissa Martell's breakthrough interviews on The Secret Door and now her new show DProgrammed continues to blaze new ground. Click the imagery below to listen:

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EXPOSE! Getting Off

The Billy Meier Crazy Train.

Steve Cambian's Midnight Hour

Steve Cambian is a truth seeker, period. He calls it like it is, minces no words. This fact is extremely important especially today when studying the so-called "paranormal" and investigating mysteries. With the Internet being full of everything from facts to outright lies, disinfo, fake news, trolls and cyberstalkers, one must be very careful. Remember the maxim: "Trust, but verify." Listen to these shows, Steve hits a GRAND SLAM!

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